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I am a fisherman at heart

and fell in love with Zihuatanejo on a fishing trip over 30 years ago.

The area is wonderful, and I come down at least once a month. My villas are labors of love, and I take great pride in the pleasure they provide me, my friends, and my family.

Why This Property?

Villa Bahia was my first villa. I met Enrique Zozaya, and that was the beginning of what has turned out to be a long friendship. We spent many days and nights designing Villa Bahia. Some people thought we were crazy to build a villa in nowhere. But over time, the area has grown, and now I have a few neighbors. During the building of Villa Baiha, we started working on Villa Encantada. It took a little over two years to complete the entire project. In the end, what was created is a work of art. It is truly a little piece of heaven that was created here on Earth. The layout of the rooms, the inlays of petrified wood and stone in the raw marble and handmade terracotta tile flooring, hand-forged wooden doors, position on the lots, to a table made from Spanish castle door every item has been chosen for its unique character.

It Is all In The details

Every detail was planned and drawn out, sometimes on napkins and scraps of paper here and there along the way. A lot of dynamite was used, staircases were built only to be blown out the next day because they didn't "feel right", concrete platforms were removed and resize to accommodate all king-sized beds, and materials were changed due to lack of availability. In the end, what was created are two villas that are truly a work of art.

Vacation Rental Homes?

The breeze moves through the villas, the views are majestic, and the spaces relaxing. When I opened the doors of Villa Bahia for rental, everyone thought I was crazy. You didn't rent out luxury properties in 1999. Definitely not properties with a full-time staff. I wanted to share the experience I had created with others. A truly first-class luxury vacation where every need is taken care of by a dedicated team of professionals from the hospitality industry.


My team has been in my employ for over 10 years. Their attention to detail and superior service is what makes a vacation at Pacific Vacation | StayPV truly an escape.

Aharon Chen


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